This is really boring and truly lame, but...


I e-mailed a local Pepsi bottler, "Pepsi Quincy," and asked their

sales manager (Mick Long) for some help. See for yourself:


Dear Mr. Long,

I run an ever-expanding website that is quickly gaining a following --
is dedicated to convincing PepsiCo to bring back Josta soda.

I was wondering if you worked for Pepsi or a bottler during that time,
can recall how well (or poorly) Josta sold?

In the very least I want to let you know that there are MANY Josta
that are still eager for more, even though it's been 5 years since
last tasted it. We would appreciate any help you could offer, even if
simply reminding the right people that we're here & patiently waiting...

Best regards,
Jason Latona


To this, I got a wonderfully personalized, in-depth reply. Sure I did.



"Thanks for taking the time to e-mail us.

We are a Pepsi-Cola franchised wholesale distribution facility in the Midwest. As it pertains to your geographic region, we can not answer your question.

Since your e-mail requires a personal response, we recommend that you contact the Pepsi-Cola Company Consumer Relations Department at 1-800-433-2652. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM 6:00 PM EST.

Again, thanks for your e-mail.

Mick Long; Sales Manager

Refreshment Services Pepsi; Quincy, IL"


As usual, a representative from Pepsi (bottler or otherwise) has in

effect told me that they could care less about my feedback, and to

leave them alone.


Pepsi customer service absolutely does not exist. They barely make

an effort to make it appear that they have customer care - how can a

company so readily alienate their customers?


- Jason



If you have ANY info, facts etc, about Josta that you'd like to share,

please e-mail me!