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Ask Lisa and the website are, well, confused...


Ask Lisa used to only state "You betcha" when asked if Pepsi still made Josta. Which, of course, was true about five years ago...


Now, if you type "Josta" as your question, you get 2 choices:




If you click on "How is Josta made?" You aren't given the answer to your question; rather, you are told that it isn't made at all:



If you click on "Do you make Josta," she still says "You betcha."


Which is true?


It is VERY interesting that they chose to answer the question "Do you make Josta" by adding a new question to this list that isn't really related to the answer. Then, they left up the old question with the lying reply of "You betcha," such that now Lisa answers both YES and NO to the same question.


Same happens when you search for "Pepsi Blue."


Pepsi customer service needs to communicate better with whoever

they pay to design their website. This level of misinformation really unacceptable on any corporate website -- especially one of such

a large company as PepsiCo. Wake up, Pepsi! Geesh.


This is why it bothers me all the more that they won't give Josta another chance: If such a simple creation as this results in a mistake, then how can they make the best decision regarding other matters? :-P


- Jason   01/14/2005




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