Pepsi Customer Relations call transcript, May 5 2004



Pepsi Customer Relations: "Hi Pepsi Customer Relations, this is Terry how may I help you?

Jason Latona:
"Hi Terry, I'm calling to get some information on Josta."

PCR: (Somewhat irritated)
"What about it."

"Well, I'd heard rumours that Pepsi was bringing it back in some areas to test the waters..."

PCR: (Stammering)
"Uhh, well, no... At least not that I've heard. Let me see,

well, I remember when it came out that it didn't sell well at all, not a lot of people liked it. But the people that DID like it really really liked it. What's your zip code

so I can log this for marketing?"

"It's 14510. Thanks."

"Thank you, haveaniceday." CLICK.



They seemed irritated at the call. I found that surprising; I'd think

any sort of customer feedback was good - it means you have customers!


To me, that's all the more reason to CALL THEM! (800) 433-2652


- Jason



If you have ANY info, facts etc, about Josta that you'd like to share,

please e-mail me!