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11.16.2004 - Justin from N.C. writes:
Hey man. Just saw your Josta page. I didn't realize that people still cared! Its been years since i had one of those magnificent little miracles. After it got discontinued, I went down to my local bottling plant and they dropped
a couple dozen cases on me for FREE!!!! but the sweetness didnt last long as my supply began to dwindle. Anyways, I signed the petition and i'm gonna call and write pepsi soon....any word from them about the possibility of
brining it back seasonally???? God PLEASE!!!!

dying to know,



08.09.2004 - Darcia from ? writes:
Just wanted to let you know that I wrote to Pepsi encouraging them to bring Josta back and I enjoyed your site.


09.13.2004 - Gabriel from ? writes:
Hey man whats going on? I am josta nut fanatic and I have been dying to taste one now for a long time!!!! How is the struggle going to bring this heavenly drink back??? Is there anything I can do to help?? I signed the petition!!! I am over here in TX and I can remember the first time I tasted josta. It was great, so I bought it again and then it was unbelievable...I was hooked!!! Thats all I drank all day everyday. Then it slowly started to disappear and I could only get it at k-mart. I used to buy them 4-5 12 pack at time! Then this on Saturday the bomb was dropped on me that it was gone and alI I had was one 12 pack left. Well I made that 12 last 6 months then I was screwed! I tried all other brands all kinds...NOTHING!! Thats why I finally decided to take it a step further and find out what every other josta lover out there is doing about it! Is there any merchandise Iike that shirt..please let me know....is there really no where to get even a sample of the greatness anymore/?
well take man and let me know
your josta freak!


10.04.2004 - Alex from ? writes:
Thanks for starting this Josta campaign. I'm totally on board.
On your Josta website, you say that you don't think that Josta was available in 6 packs 12 packs or 2 liter bottles. Well, I'm sorry that you didn't get to enjoy the more reasonably priced packages. In Houston we could purchase the cans by the 6 pack, 12 pack, or even in 2 liter bottles.  Shoot! They even sold the cans for awhile in my College's (University of Houston) vending machines!!! I can't tell you how many Josta sugar/guarana highs helped me get through Architecture school all-night work fests.
Even though I could get the cans, I usually liked the 20oz bottles. Josta is one of the only drinks I think tastes better in the bottle than the can. You could put it in the freezer and often it wouldn't get solid until your tongue touched the liquid. The taste of Josta WHILE it freezes!  Then you would have like a Josta ICEE!!!! Oh man! What Ecstasy! (By the way, you can do this to many drinks like Coca-Cola. But none of them are as good as Josta was.)


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