Coke C2




        Pepsi Edge




       Coke's Kuat






Coke's C2 starts selling, Pepsi now joins the race.


Coca Cola made Vanilla Coke, Pepsi followed. Coke made C2

out of half artificial sweetener and half sugar, now Pepsi makes

the same in Pepsi Edge. Low carb, blah blah blah. You know, part of

the high-fat and low-carb diet craze that will have arteries blocked

nationwide in about 5 years. Anyway...


Pepsi needs to stop following the flock and make something that no other

drink maker has a competitor to. Something unique. Not a cola, not

ANOTHER lemon-lime (They have both Sierra Mist AND 7-Up. How many

do they friggin need?) Not Pepsi Blue. They need to make JOSTA. Make

Coca Cola follow THEM!


If Coke released their guarana drink, Kuat, on a large scale at the

same time Pepsi re-released Josta, the ensuing battle between these

two huge advertisers would help both sides sell their new guarana

drinks. Josta didn't get much attention the first time around, since

Coke didn't throw their 2 cents in or seem to care much about it.


People are like babies. Often a child wants their toy a lot more when

someone else is trying to play with it... ;-)


Guarana and related energy drinks are the rage today, whereas

Americans were all about caffeine-free back in the mid-nineties.


Pepsi's marketing department must be as attentive as their web

site staff. Ha ha.


- Jason



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