The Top Five Reasons to Write Pepsi About Josta


5. Pepsi has nothing better to do than read your letter.


4. Satisfaction that you are helping sway an industry giant.


3. To piss George W. Bush off (does he look like the Josta type?).


2. So I don't cry. I'll do it, I swear!


1. Because you'll likely get a bunch of nifty Pepsi coupons in



Plus, it's so easy to do! Just click here to use my letter template.


I'm also proud to announce that a search for Pepsi Customer Relations yields results with this site in the top 2 positions. Check it out!



Write Pepsi about Josta!


Pepsi Customer Relations

Pepsico, Inc

700 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577



If you have ANY info, facts etc, about Josta that you'd like to share,

please e-mail me!