When you call Pepsi   

 Customer Service,

 don't expect them

 to be too friendly

 upon hearing the 

 word "Josta."


Don't  let this stop you!


Pepsi Customer Service and Pepsi Customer Relations

Pepsi Customer Service Department

Mt. Dew Electrocution

































Jason Latona (Me)




How can you help?     


Whether you loved Josta when it was produced or are simply craving something different from the soda-pop world, here are ways YOU can help tell Pepsi to bring Josta back!

Ask Pepsi to bring Josta back as a Seasonal Classic!


1. Sign the Josta Petition at Petitiononline



2. Call Pepsi customer relations:  (800) 433-2652



3. Write Pepsi a letter:  Click for letter template


     Pepsi Customer Relations

     Pepsico, Inc

     700 Anderson Hill Road
     Purchase, NY 10577



4. E-mail, call or write your regional bottler.

    This can be very helpful!

    Bottler Directory




5. Ask Lisa. Seriously. Who is Lisa?

    She's Pepsi's automated Q/A bot, and

    when you ask her questions, it does get




6. Email Pepsi! Tell them you miss Josta.


    Please note: Pepsi doesn't appear to have human eyes

    ever look upon e-mail. This is poor customer service,

    so if you can, call or snail-mail them.



7. Email Coca Cola! Crazy, huh? Ask them to sell Kuat in the USA.


    Kuat is their version of a guarana drink, and whatever Coke      

    does, Pepsi follows suit...






Contact me: yipching@murrayhead.com