5/15/2011 - The obvious news story is, we're back. There really isn't a "we" from the site perspective, since it's just me designing and running things, but I like the thought that there are others behind me, wanting the same thing. Makes me feel like less of a weirdo.


Bear with me as I get the site's content filled out and populate all the home page links, as some of the sub pages either don't exist at all or haven't been ported from the old site. In any case, anyone who would like to be part of my coordinated efforts should contact me on one way or another, either by adding me as a friend or dropping me an email:


FB Page:  http://www.facebook.com/yipching


Email:       jlatona@gmail.com


These are the only ways I can be certain to communicate with you in a timely fashion. I will not sell your email addresses to spammers. Unless I'm starving and living under the awning at a defunct pawn shop. Then, and only then, maybe I will.





Note that this stuff is here for fun and that the links likely won't work.



9/14/04 - Pepsi's "web team" still can't fix their help-bot


08/29/04 - Lessons for Pepsi Marketing to learn


07/27/04 - Blow-off number one billion...

                      Sorta like the amount of dollars Pepsi is giving away!


07/04/04 - BREAKING NEWS: Pepsi has updated their website!

                      Ask Lisa is one step closer to telling the 100%truth about Josta...


07/04/04 - Coca Cola C2 and Pepsi Edge...

                      Pepsi is always following Coke...


06/21/04 - The Top Five Reasons to Write Pepsi About Josta

                      I admit they are lame, but indulge me!


06/14/04 - Received another letter from Pepsi Customer

                      Service, but in response to the letter I wrote in May...


06/01/04 - Concoct your own Josta-like beverage!


05/25/04 - Is "Ask Lisa," the Pepsi.com help-bot, lying?

                      Yes - unless Pepsi is planning on adding Josta back to their site...


05/22/04 - Received letter from Pepsi via snail-mail

                      Pepsi Customer Service sent me a response to a letter

                      I mailed a month ago...


05/22/04 - Funny thread at rollingedits.com

                     Seriously though, this is great. There are still SO

                     many fans of Josta!


05/05/04 - Pepsi Customer Relations call transcript

                     Called Pepsi today, pretty much got blown off - Click

                     to read it.



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